EVO-TECH is a division of Trevor Brown Associates LTD (TBa) with extensive experience in delivering temporary electronic overlay to world class sporting events such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games; that means we have helped to secured over 50+ world class venues.

EVO-TECH have now honed all that event experience into our principle offering, the EVO-HUB. The Hub is a fully functional command and control centre comprising of 3 operator positions, a 12 metre Mast and 6 onboard cameras. We can also deploy a range of specialist satellite cameras, all designed to be rapidly deployed and operate in the most testing of environments without the need to lay down physical cabling.

Our knowledge of last mile security is second to none but our skill set of capturing live images means that we can repurpose or push “ Hot Spotted Cameras” to promotion screens, Facebook live , YouTube live or even venue apps.

Uniquely we can offer 2 in- house wireless PA products the TBA 1000 exterior solution and the smaller TBA 100 wireless for internal use.